Welcome to Kriton-Kriton, where luxury curated experiences meet exceptional expertise in the field of tourism. Our company thrives within the realm of Luxury Curated Experience Tourism (LCET), bringing together our extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality and merchant banking.

At Kriton-Kriton, we offer business development consulting and merchant banking advice services specifically tailored to the LCET industry. Our expertise is particularly beneficial for businesses and industries involved in LCET-integrated real estate portfolios, ranging from medium to large-sized investments.

We operate on a merchant banking fee's model, which occasionally allows us to monetize our services through equity equivalent shareholdings in our advised clients' companies, in lieu of traditional fees. This approach enables us to align our interests with our clients and maximize returns over a predetermined period, often including a pre-set exit strategy.

To further support our clients' growth and success, Kriton-Kriton may choose to actively participate in third-party boards. In these cases, we may nominate a representative from our own Board of Directors to serve in executive positions, undertaking contracted managerial duties and contributing valuable insights.

At Kriton-Kriton, our mission is to deliver unparalleled expertise and guidance within the LCET industry. Join us on this journey of exceptional experiences and strategic partnerships.